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Bangalore spa centre
Bangalore spa centre
Bangalore spa centre
Bangalore spa centre
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Name: Kaifiya
Age: 23
Sizes: 32D-28-38B
Hair: Black
Eyes: Black
Height: 5'9 (178cm)
Origin: Bangalore,India
Languages: Hindi,English
Couples: No
Availability: 24/7
1hr ₹10000 ₹10000
4hr ₹15000 ₹15000
8hr ₹25000 ₹25000
Dinner Date ₹25000 ₹25000
Overnight ₹30000 ₹30000


I am Kaifiya and i work as a Hostess in a reputed Hotel and my physical appearance always attracted many guest who walks to my restaurant and even i got many offers from them to provide private service in their guest house but my interest is to do shopping different verities of dress and i wear it to different types of parties during my off days, I don't want to end myself in to the boundaries of family circle and so i have decided to present all the beauty which was given by God to expose to men's and help them feel the eternity of life

I like to play hard, wild and long time on bed, i prefer to play a dominant role some time to show the other side of love making pleasure also i am very good at spending and blending with my clients, I present myself as a platter mixed with Sweets, Fruits, Cheese, Honey, Chocolates and much more I am open and readily available any time at your service, My motto is customer satisfaction and self satisfaction also i feel this service as great as artistic profession