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North Indian girls massage in Bangalore
North Indian girls massage in Bangalore
North Indian girls massage in Bangalore
North Indian girls massage in Bangalore
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Name: Sophia
Age: 22
Sizes: 34D-22-32B
Hair: Black
Eyes: Black
Height: 5'4 (159cm)
Origin: Bangalore, India
Languages: kannada,Hindi,English
Couples: No
Availability: 24/7
1hr ₹10000 ₹10000
4hr ₹15000 ₹15000
8hr ₹25000 ₹25000
Dinner Date ₹25000 ₹25000
Overnight ₹30000 ₹30000


My self Sophia and i am 22 years glam doll living in Bangalore and right now i am working in IT concern so along with my roommate i ma staying in an individual apartment, Initially i had a boyfriend whom i loved and cared a lot but one fine day i have to do break up with him due to his wrong affair during that time i was heartbroken but at the same time on the same day one handsome guy came to our apartment along with my roommate In the middle of the night the same handsome guy came to my room along with my roommate and they performed a love act in front of me to convince down at one stage i also involved and enjoyed the threesome and from that day onwards i wish to take my interest to another level and wants to enjoy my life with people who have same idea and taste

Some day later i came across this service site and i decided to join and give pleasure to enjoy with various handsome people so who ever likes my style and taste can approach me and i am ready go with any type of show at any number of people and if it is one man show then i can also turn that event for one man many time show My quality of service and escort is high and delivery of happiness and satisfaction is guaranteed