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Final Understanding of the Bangalore Massage

Now in cosmetic, massage and spa salons a huge number of various types of massage are offered: from classic to exotic and erotic. With such a variety of salons and services, it is very difficult to recognize how professional and competent a specialist is doing your massage. The girls from Koramangala offer the best service in Bangalore now.

Any massage is a ritual, a sacrament that takes place behind a closed door between two people. This is a kind of confession when a client trusts a master. After all, he comes to the massage therapist with a specific request, and this is not at all a myth that, together with the accumulation of a certain experience, the massage therapist begins to “see” with his fingers, to understand the client’s problems. Therefore, the masseur from the Spa in koramangla should have some makings of a psychologist and, having met with the client, first try to establish an emotional connection with him. If this does not happen, the client may not come next time, because people pay not so much for professionalism,

How much for attention

If you came to the Massage parlour in Bangalore koramangla therapist, and he immediately began to massage, it means that he does not seek to establish contact with you. When you come for a massage, the first thing a good massage therapist will do is offer tea, talk with you for 10-15 minutes before the massage, to give you the opportunity to adapt to the situation and to the massage therapist’s personality itself.

  • • A good massage therapist will not save on supplies. Disposable sheets and good massage oil are not something to save on. A novice massage therapist can suggest you use your towel or use your oil.
  • • The masseur is required to wash his hands before and after the massage.
  • • You cannot start work without making sure that the client is relaxed enough and trusts the masseur. Massage works if the muscles are not tense.
  • If, having massaged the client, the Spa centre Bangalore therapist immediately leaves without paying attention to the client, there remains an unpleasant feeling that you were abandoned. A professional massage therapist who cares about good customer reviews will definitely give you some time after a massage session

    Myths about massage therapists and massage

    Massage, especially classic, is a painful procedure. This is actually not the case. Even classical massage has now passed its evolution, elements of other types of massages have harmoniously integrated into this technique, and now any massage gives pleasure, relief, and therapeutic effect.

    A good masseur from the Spa centres Bangalore koramangla should be a large and strong man. A fragile little woman cannot be a good masseur. In fact, strength is gained with practice, and the point is not so much in strength as in the correct positioning of the body of the massage therapist during the massage. A good massage also depends on the details: on the correctly selected table height, on the slightest movements with the body, even on the design of the room in which the massage takes place.

    Masseur is the second most serious profession after the builder. It is believed that during the massage the master gives all his best and gets very tired. In fact, if you correctly distribute the load and the number of clients, as well as correctly balance your condition, the massage therapist gets tired no more than people of any other demanded profession.

    Bruises on the body - an autograph of a lay massage therapist

    This is not entirely true. There are people with different sensitivities, and what is considered normal pressure for one person can be uncomfortable for another. 2-3 bruises received during the massage process are not yet an indicator of the massage therapist’s unprofessionalism.

    Tired of everyday fuss? Do you want a little affection, a gentle attitude and just pleasant for body and soul? Then the Alibi-Relax club invites everyone who is tired of everyday life to unforgettable sessions where you can try sensual erotic massage performed by beautiful girls who are fluent in this art. Irresistible beauties will show their skills using 9 different massage techniques, and they will bring you incredible pleasure. Each cell of your body will enjoy their soft, honed touches that will relax tense muscles and bring peace to your soul. Read more

    All the girls in the photo are real! Do you want to sign up for a session with a certain goddess of massage and spend time with her, enjoying the procedure and communicating in a relaxed personal atmosphere? But this is only the beginning!

    Do you want to know what awaits you at such a meeting? It is simply divine:

  • • At choice: whiskey, cognac, or fragrant hookah
  • But that is not all! For all who choose Alibi-Relax salons, the following promotions are always relevant:

    At night, our girls will offer you a choice of 50 g of whiskey or cognac as a gift. You must name the password "Superman". We give each our guest unforgettable pleasant bonuses, for which he returns to our erotic massage salon again and again. And not one, but brings friends with him!

    It is allowed to kiss and caress the body of a masseuse, at no extra charge for such an innocent pleasure. The only condition: do not touch the girls for intimate places and avoid causing them pain or discomfort during the procedure. We reliably keep all the little secrets of our customers and guarantee them absolute confidentiality. Any of your visits is securely hidden from prying eyes and ears.

    Any of the programs offered to our visitors includes free slippers, a terry towel, shower gel and clean bedding (disposable). When you purchase a program with a cost of 4000 rubles or more, you become the owner of a savings card that provides the right to the most delicious, pleasant bonuses and gifts.

    For lovers of premium alcohol - whiskey with lemon (50 g) or brandy served on a beautifully decorated tray.

  • • Erotic massage as a compulsory service includes
  • • Shower with a girl before after
  • • It is allowed to touch the masseuse for the chest and ass.
  • • You can learn more about the conditions by calling one of the following phones.
  • • To get a bonus of 500 rubles for massage, leave your email address - once a week you will receive messages about current promotions and the most delicious offers for two.
  • • Let’s summarize why we are waiting for you:
  • • Our salons are always clean and comfortable.
  • • A set of linen and slippers for single use are provided.
  • • Massage for men performed by professionals
  • Real-time session recording

    To have a good time, relax your soul and body, you do not have to be an oligarch. Our customers are offered 2 programs designed for any reasonable budget for an unforgettable vacation. In any case, you will be offered a free hookah and shower with a masseuse who will wash off the oil from your body.


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