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Erotic massage is a whole art that originated a very long time ago. Previously, only a select few were worthy of erotic massage. Not every man had the opportunity to enjoy the hands of a skilled masseuse. But those who fell this fate could spend hours enjoying the magnificent sacrament performed by a real geisha. Now there are a large number of types of erotic massage, and each of them is beautiful in its own way. Every modern man can visit erotic massage parlors at any time convenient for him, in which professional masseuses or specially trained prostitutes diversify his intimate leisure time as much as possible. A beautiful girl for an hour or several hours will carry away into the mysterious world of temptation, envelop her tenderness and give an unlimited amount of pleasure! With the Massage at Bangalore this is the best deal for you.

The most favorite types of erotic massage

Erotic massage itself involves stroking, caressing and touching the naked body of a masseuse to a client heated with passion. If we consider the most popular types of erotic massage, then we can distinguish the following:

Oil massage

This short title contains a huge complex of purposeful actions, thanks to which all organs and systems of the human body return to normal. The masseuse carries out fairly sharp pressure on sensitive points, kneads the area around the joints and helps get rid of pain symptoms. The main action of oil massage is aimed at treating the spine, but this is not the only task that a skilled craftswoman sets herself. Relieve stress, calm nerves, relieve stress - all this is in her power, and not a single client has ever left disappointed after an oil massage.

Body massage

This is a completely unusual art, massage, which looks like a passionate dance. The girl completely undresses and exerts influence on the partner’s naked body not only with her hands, but also with her cute ass and elastic breasts. Body massage is especially attractive for men if the girl is ready to continue. On you can find an excellent masseuse who, after an exciting session, agrees to spend the night with you. Crazy caresses and hot kisses of such a beauty cannot be forgotten, just like to experience them with another woman.

Water massage

The name speaks for itself, this is exactly the type of erotic massage that takes place in a wide bath or jacuzzi. The girl uses a large amount of foam, which she lubricates with herself and the partner’s body, and then begins to glide over him, making him crazy. The room is filled with magical aromas of incense and barter, water gives tranquility, and a gorgeous masseuse excites with her caresses in order to relieve all the accumulated stress from a man in the finale

Tantric massage

This is a mysterious game in which a girl gives unforgettable emotions by touching the genitals of her client. A man can be completely relaxed, or he can also join the game, and tell the girl that he brings the highest pleasure. The masseuse gently touches the genitals, replaces it with intense stimulating movements, and this sweet game continues until the man reaches its climax. Not all varieties of this art are represented here; skilled craftsmen in their field know much more about this sacrament. And what types of erotic massage do you know, and which of them did you happen to experience? Share your little secrets in the comments.


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