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People cannot agree on what women and men love and how: either with their eyes or with their ears. The correct answer is neither one nor the other! When touch comes into play, no one can resist.

Erotic massage is not commonplace vulgarity, it is a separate art form that only a professional can handle. This massage technique began to be mastered in ancient China, and now, centuries later, secret techniques of unforgettable pleasure with the hands have come down to us.

In our cabin there is no time for haste. It does not depend on the technique and purpose - strengthening, arousal or relaxation - everything takes place in an erotic setting, the masseuses move slowly, smoothly and flexibly.

Before the massage begins, the client exposes his back, then he goes into a secluded room, where he remains with a specialist one on one. By the way, at least three girls come to replace every day, so a man can always choose the one he likes. We try to select a diverse staff that is not similar in appearance to each other. Thus, in our state there are many types of women, and one of them will certainly catch the eye of the client. An isolated room does not lead to the desired mood, plus it does not bother or embarrass the visitor with prying and curious glances. The temperature is always such that the man does not freeze, but also does not sweat from the heat. Scented candles burn in the room, relaxing music plays muffledly. Before starting work, masseuses apply essential oils to their hands, which are natural pathogens

What are the advantages of such an atypical massage? First of all, it is not only incredible satisfaction, but also health benefits. Admit it, you could not even think about the fact that during the session, the amount of subcutaneous fat is gradually decreasing. Thus, you manage to combine business with pleasure, while simply lying on your stomach and enjoying life. Also, when applying the right techniques, blood circulation is accelerated. This means that the metabolism becomes faster. This is most favorable for the condition of the skin and the loss of excess weight. By the way, let’s highlight a small piquant detail: the massage can make the client so good that he will experience an orgasm similar to what happens after having intimate relationships with women.

Massage is not only aimed at obtaining pleasure and improving the body's work - it is ordered when a painful place is found on the body. Gentle circular movements of the masseuse conjure over the diseased area, and it ceases to give a person unpleasant sensations. Both a separate area and the whole body are massaged. The client is given a catalog in advance, according to which he chooses the type and duration of the procedure. The masseuse adds little from herself; she always listens to the desires of the consumer. By the way, you can order two girls at once. Like a mathematical formula, the more masseuses, the more incredible will be the sensations and positive emotions.


  • Massage is the way
  • To new sensations
  • Erotic massage consists of:

  • head massage;
  • neck and shoulder;
  • backs;
  • upper and lower buttocks;
  • The Inside Of The Hips.

    The palms are warm, all movements are rhythmic, as if dancing with your hands is performed on your body. First comes the warm-up so that the excitement grows gradually. It will tease you a little, but it will add piquancy and zest to pastime. Massage is not necessarily a limitation with just your back. Some techniques start with the weasels of the head, especially the ears, neck and neck. That is where most men have erogenous points. Some do not even suspect their existence - another useful aspect of our services. A man learns a lot about himself, it may come in handy in the future. If the client allows, then I’ll move my hands to the sides and buttocks, within the available, of course. There is a special technique specializing in feet and heels. We advise you to try everything to find your beloved and come back for her again and again. Moreover, our catalog is constantly updated, delighting you with unusual new products.

    The territory of pleasure from erotic massage in Yalta

    Only experienced masseuses work in our salon. They are always going to work as a holiday, because they sincerely love what they do almost every day. Before hiring, they provide their certificates and clearly demonstrate the types of massage. So do not worry - everything that is sold here has been repeatedly tested and approved several times.


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